Hi, I’m Aippi, I’m learning life, and I would love to do it together with you! I’m a PhD-student in Education, my passion is especially in 21st century learning and in teacher education.

In this blog I will be writing about issues related to education in general, family life, parenting and leading a happier, healthier life. I am from Finland but I live currently in Namibia, Southwestern Africa. I love both of my home countries, very different to each other, but have lots of similarities as well. In Namibia I especially enjoy the lovely people, versatile culture and of course the breath-taking nature and wildlife! I love animals, and my special passion is cats, big and small. Bush is where I feel like I can breathe easy and relax, just like the Finnish forests.

Come join me on my journey as I am learning (and sometimes unlearning) life! I am not an expert in anything that I am writing about, just curious and willing to learn. My aim is to be a better version of myself everyday, more caring, compassionate and humble. I fail this goal almost every day, but I will not give up trying!